Investigation shows Councils actions brought domestic terrorism to Charlottesville

In an investigation where the FBI used more research than for the Boston marathon bombers, they found and arrested four California men who are members of RAM, the “Rise Above Movement” thought to be about 50 members large, who practice martial arts and attend rallies to physically engage counter protestors and Antifa. Ram physically challenges those who disagree with their assertion that White European culture is being stolen by Illegal immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and Jews. They came to Charlottesville to get involved in the protest caused by the city’s attempt to remove statues of RE Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The FBI has referred to them as “Serial Rioters”.

While many members are unnamed, many of those who are known, have extensive criminal records, and have no qualms about admitting to, and even bragging about creating violence. Based in southern California they often train for MMA and boxing on the weekends for their craft. They have traveled around the country taking advantage of upcoming events to proudly use violence whenever they feel they can get away unscathed by the law. With the arrest of these four leaders it may be that their luck has run out.

The FBI has not released how much money it spent on the investigation, but the city has reported that almost 5 million dollars has been spent in the last two years on the rallies. Over four and one half million in August 2018 alone, when no one showed up but counter protestors who did have minor clashes with police.

The rally was initially formed to protest Councilors and Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy’s now failed attempt to remove statues of Robert E lee and Stonewall Jackson. The Unite the right rally was formed, and according to two reports, one of which was done at the behest of the City Council, the city failed to prevent the violence by effectively standing down, and refusing to protect legal demonstrators from counter protestors who outnumbered them dramatically. The report defines breakdowns in judgment and communication by the city which allowed the violence to occur. Activist Heather Heyer was killed in a three car collision after Alex Fields car struck another car and pedestrian, in what has been described as a deliberate attack by many. Fields has pleaded not guilty to the murder charges, and remains in jail awaiting trial. He has also been charged with 30 Hate crime violations by the federal Government and could be sentenced to life in prison or death if found guilty.

These FBI arrests follow a long string of arrests by the city who has publicly and aggressively gone after many protestors, while seemingly going easy on counter protestors, in what many see as an injustice in itself, which tarnishes the city’s reputation even further. While many heads rolled after the disaster, the Councilor Wes Bellamy who started it all, has seemed to come out completely unscathed by the press, or his supporters for his part in attempting to stop the legal demonstrators from even having their First Amendment rights respected, and then when told by a judge to let them proceed used his political influence as a civil rights activist, to rally a counter demonstration in what rally goers called a “hecklers veto.”

The city has yet to report on its plans for next August 12 when the protestors may or my not show up to make them spend even more taxpayer dollars on their failed fiasco.

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