Mass migration is the worlds largest ponzi scheme

The banks are made up of money leveraged by rich people against their assets. They own “debt”. If that debt isn’t repaid they go broke.They need a constant stream of new customers to stay afloat.The ultra rich own three assets: stocks, real estate, and debt. So they need more people like a ponzi scheme to buy products. These products are all purchased wholesale with debt, then purchased retail with debt, and even when its paid for by the government through welfare, that is also financed with government debt. People also need a place to live, so they either buy or rent real estate, and either way the bankers get income. They get rents, capital gains, stock inflation, and interest on all the borrowed money. They also own massive tracts of land and have a need to keep the population expanding to keep their growth rate and income stream intact. They got addicted to the wonderful profit sources of the post war baby boom, and now that that it’s over, they simply have decided to keep the expansion of the ponzi pyramid growing through refugees and immigrants. The have duped the left into thinking it is a noble act, so they will use borrowed money to finance it.

Basically, they are transferring “consumers” from places that don’t repay their debts to places that do. They know the civilized world will figure out a way to keep everyone from killing each other, and by default consuming products, all financed by debt, and it does not matter to them whether it is private debt or government debt. They need the expansion in order to survive. They also know the simple math of these larger families extrapolates into new debt holders for decades to come, because they saw it happen in the United States post war baby boom.

The alternative if they don’t create new customers is a collapse of their ponzi scheme. They really don’t care about the politics of any particular group, they just want people borrowing and spending, and the the more the better. They want people to demand more services from the government, so the governments will borrow from them, and thus be beholden to them, letting them do what they need to do to keep their charade from being discovered. Those in progressive governments go along because they have been duped into thinking diversity is actually a good thing, and not just a bunch of people crashing the party and putting their drinks on your tab. Those in charge have played a hell of a con, and convinced liberal minded folks that they are doing a good thing. The conservatives let a lot of it happen because they’re greedy, and now it is almost too late. Barack Obama, was and is one of the most useful idiots these bankers have ever seen, and he catapulted the world into this mess with eight years of spending policies.They conned him into spending ten trillion dollars on nothing. All without ever even meeting him. Those who created him and his ilk never make any headlines, or top ten lists. Even George Soros is one of their stooges. Remember all costs for illegals is financed at a profit by the bankers. That is why the bankers are paying for these caravans. They are just bringing new customers to the stores, no different than a casino flying someone to Vegas.

The only way out is for the United States to save itself first. Hungary and Poland saw it coming and may survive if they can hold out. Italy is learning quickly as is France. It may be too late for them. The US is on the brink. It is a myth that we need more bodies to consume. Instead, we need to make the United States the gold standard for people to come to. We need to be the country where people with resources and something to offer park themselves. We need to be the one country where good smart people who will add to the economy by bringing their ability to be self sufficient want to come.They should get a fast track, and welcomed as new citizens. Those who cannot do so, should be given the opportunity come with temporary work visas, and possibly earn their way through hard work and clean living. Everyone else needs to stay the hell out.

If we can stop the mass migration then the “rich” will take their predatory banking practices and invest their own money in these shitholes instead of lobbying governments like the U.S. and the EU to borrow from them and absorbing the risk. The world would be much better off if these “consumers” stayed in place and built infrastructure at home, and made the world diverse by all of us having different places to visit. It’s called tourism.

Without the world bank, and the ability to ship these “consumers” to the civilized world, these bankers will be forced to actually loan money on terms where these folks can become permanent customers, instead of crashing, and getting bailed out by responsible governments forgiving the loans. (but repaying the bankers)

Without a co-signer, and immigration stopped in the west, they bankers might just stop being so greedy and write a loan that someone can actually repay. If this could be made to happen, the west won’t be destroyed in two generations as the trajectory is now.

Stop the bankers from destroying the United States and Europe through mass migration. Support FREE SPEECH at all costs. It is the bankers who are censoring the internet. Sometimes with money, sometimes by taking advantage of people who simply can’t see that they have been both miseducated and duped. (Yes, I am talking about Twitter, Facebook and Google.) Don’t wait until your country is destroyed.

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