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So the University is wasting time telling Doctors how to behave and not offend anyone, and it turns into a crybaby fest from women who can’t handle being called honey or mistaken for a nurse by a senior citizen patient. So this guy asks, politely, what a micro aggression actually is, and uses a great example. If he punches the air and it offends someone because they see him do it, why is it his problem and not theirs? How did they respond? They dodged it, when he asked again they dodged it, and when he asked again, still politely, they shut him down and moved on. The next thing he knows he is told to get counseling and then two weeks later he is suspended from the medical school for a year.

So I have some advice for all the med students at UVA. READ the Constitution. People have a right to free speech. if you are from West Virginia and they make a joke about your family tree, then laugh and say, “That’s just the Hatfields, I’m a Mccoy”, and move on. If your feelings are hurt from a West Virginia joke then you are one who needs counseling. The instructor gave an example of a black person walking in the Charlottesville Belk, to the jewelry department with her hands exposed so no one would think she was stealing, and said she does that because of micro aggression’s from police. The fact of the matter is she should do that, because the only reason police look closer at black people is because blacks are overwhelming more likely to steal. If she wants to have the cops stop looking at her, she should go lecture to the black community to follow the law. Don’t blame cops for doing their job and playing the odds. Doctors give tests based on profiling all day every day. You don’t see them recommending prostate exams on sixteen year old girls do you? Is it racist to screen overweight black males for diabetes?

We have become too sensitive as a people.These folks with thin skin should not get to dictate the words spoken in a free society. The Constitution spells it out and we all agree to abide by it or move. I have free speech. i can even use the n word. if someone wants to punch me for it, and is willing to serve time in jail for that crime, then the Constitution is served. If the judge gives them a suspended sentence, and the electorate is okay with that, then the Constitution is still happy. Get it? If someone hears me use it and informs me it hurts someone feelings, or calls me an asshole for using it then that is their right. BUT, they can only inform and advise, not compel. If a female Doctor is offended because she is compared to a nurse, then how does she think a nurse feels when she hears her whine like a little bitch with her 200k a year salary and designated parking space? Feminazis have ruined this country. This isn’t what our grandfathers went to war for folks.

Being nice is a trait, not a law, and I hope this guys sues the University and wins big time.

read the full story here:

University Of Virginia Med Student Receives 1-Year Suspension For Exhibiting “Antagonistic And Disrespectful” Behavior During “Microaggressions” Lecture


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