By Mitch Carr

SOME women are ruining it for most men and all women. Their hypocrisy is undeniable and untenable. These women wear their pussy hats and protest anything male while overlooking female genital mutilation, allowing the liberal courts to force their teenage daughters to shower with someone with a penis whether she wants to or not, having their sports taken over by transgenders (one of which just won a court case in Massachusetts, that forces a woman to wax his junk because he says he is a girl) but if a male tries to awkwardly cop a feel when drunk we need the FBI in on the deal, because it is simply unacceptable for a Supreme Court Justice to have ever been a teenager. Meanwhile these same women would easily approve of Hillary Clinton for the post even though there are tapes of her openly bragging about getting her client off from a rape charge brought by a 12 year old, and calling women liars who accused her husband of sexual assault that he ended up admitting to, that also cost him hundred of thousands of dollars and his law license. That hypocrisy is also unforgivable. Now these rabid feminists and their cucked males have lined up and exploited an obviously (by her own admission) affected woman for purely political games. She is being destroyed for what she did, and these women seem okay with it because they will see her as a martyr. Stop ruining America.

Christine Blasey Ford is a victim of the Democratic machine that should have never pursued her attack on Judge Kavanaugh. By doing so she is marginalizing women who were victims severe enough to be worth caring over. The people who made her do this are the real perpetrators. Some little rich girl who almost got felt up by going to a party with older guys and drinking, is not worth crying about, and the only reason she is crying about it is because she was obviously a spoiled little rich girl whose toughest moment happened when a slightly older guy clumsily tried to cop a feel. I believe every part of her story except the names of the other participants. I believe she put herself in a dangerous situation and was too immature to handle it. I believe she didn’t tell anybody because she didn’t want to admit that she wasn’t ready to handle it, and didn’t want to get in trouble. But I also believe that she concocted Judge Kavanaugh’s name because she needed a perpetrator to hate, and over thirty plus years the story evolved to one that she could use to justify the apparent damage to her life. Some low life who went to jail for something else would not do. It had to be someone with a blessed life who did this to her, so that she can remain a victim despite the fact that almost nothing happened by any measurable standard. Even If she had gone to the police at the time they would have simply chocked it up to a “misunderstanding” and left it to the parents to deal with. They were both juveniles and in Montgomery County Md. there wouldn’t even have been an unsealed record.

Sexual assault is a bad thing, but it’s definition has been hijacked by unhappy women who have been convinced that being a victim is good for business. Victim advocates define assault as any unwanted behavior directed at you from any one. The problem with that is that this is the real world and that definition can’t work. These supposedly strong and courageous women somehow can’t handle micro aggression’s and need safe spaces, and despite this tacit admission of frailty, there is a large minority of women who believe that they can call they shots. They believe they can wear a whores uniform and then bring dominion over any guy that comments on it, or responds to it. Well Constitutionally, women don’t have the right to stop men from commenting about them, or for that matter to them. So instead of trying to pass laws, they should try and find common ground and establish acceptable and unacceptable behavior. They don’t get to make the rules. Some women actually want husbands, partners, or even lovers. I know lots of men will disagree with me on this point. They will do so because they are weak minded, whipped, or cucked. The simple fact of the matter is that women don’t get to tell men what to think or say. The Constitution and common law allows men to have and express their own opinions. It is the women who use people like Mrs Ford who are causing the problem, not men like m who smile at a pretty women or stare at her artificially sweetened breasts when she is parading them around a bar. Lots of men shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court for other reasons, but not for being a real man who is attracted to, and enjoys women for their sexuality and their mind. The women’s magazine Cosmo is full of articles about how to be sexy, not smart. Don’t be mad when you follow their advice and the wrong person shows up to apply for the job. Just turn him down. If a man keeps pushing than admit you need some help, and a real man will step up and resolve the situation. Despite all of the idiotic gender studies classes, men and women are different. Not unequal in worth, but different. We used to get along better before a few miserable women decided they need company and started convincing young girls that they had a right to do thirty jello shots at a frat party, cock tease all night and then claim no culpability in whatever happens to them. Much like a drunk who walks into the ghetto counting his money at three AM and gets robbed, sometimes the “victim” has some responsibility for what happens to them. That doesn’t mean people should not be prosecuted, but it does mean we all have an obligation to protect our valuables and not tempt fate.

This same group of women who say it is impossible to trivialize her situation and that the “victim” should always be believed are simply wrong. Emmit Till was falsely accused because of that thinking, as were the Duke lacrosse players and the Frat boys at UVA. It is the responsibility to listen and presume that an allegation is worthy of being heard, but to switch the law around to make it the accused who is saddled as guilty until he proves himself innocent is not legal, and it it not right.

No Supreme Court Judge nominee should be subjected to such intense scrutiny over an uncorroborated assertion. Even if her story were 100% true it doesn’t go far enough to stop him from hearing Supreme court cases 35 years later. Women need to be careful for what they wish for. I would say that most women have been so drunk or upset emotionally at some time that they said or did things they regret. Should a woman be stripped of a nomination because she flashed her boobs at spring break and an 80 year old woman or a mother with a six year old boy nearby saw it and got upset? Should a woman be disqualified because she went on a text rant and called an ex every name in the book and threatened to call his boss and cost him his job? Every human being is fallible, and while it is obvious that this was simply an attack from the left to stop a nomination that may one day overturn Roe Vs Wade, attempting to exploit and sacrifice a woman to destroy a nominee and his family of three females is beyond the pale.

At some point there will need to be a reckoning. Are women strong enough to do any job a man can do including combat roles, or are they so weak that a 30 second episode at a house party where no actual sex occurred scars them so much they feel the need to falsely bring down a man to make him pay for a boyhood immature event that on the scale of real fears ranks right up their with seeing a snake or sliding off the road in the ice. If she wants to have something to cry about there are tens of thousands of women whose rape kits haven’t even been looked at because women like the ones who support her are too busy knitting pussy hats and complaining about sales tax on feminine products. If the left really cared about women they would teach personal responsibility, self respect and honor.

Those women who don’t play the victim card, and instead cherish their place in the modern world with more opportunities than ever before, have all that and more, and are happy to be respected for their minds bodies and pleasant dispositions, whether they run a household or a multinational corporation.

If women want to be respected than they should start by respecting themselves and stop trying to make men the enemy. It isn’t men who are holding women back, it is other women who need to justify their inability to compete. Misery loves company. If women hate men so much then they should try and go even one day without using anything invented by a man. That includes the cell phone, the car, and anything run by electricity.

Christine Blasey Ford may believe everything she said and therefore did not lie, which may be why she passed a polygraph, but it is obvious she didn’t tell the truth, and more importantly, she should never have been conned into trying to destroy another person and their family and future because she bit off more than she could chew and choked on it when she was a teenager. Her personal inability to handle a tough situation is between her and her therapist, not the rest of us who need good judges to make good decisions. If she thinks things were tough before just wait until the Judge is confirmed and the democrats throw her out of their clown car like an empty soda can.

The Democrats using victims has become so profitable that they are now using their Democratic machine to create them. Meanwhile ….. those rape kits sit gathering dust.

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