Kaine Cockburn come to C-ville to fool young and old alike


The two went to UVA to thank the students for registering voters, getting in a few shots to make sure the well off students know they are victims of the demonic right, then off to the Commonwealth Senior Center to spread Fake News about Republicans wanting to end their Medicare and Medicaid. Kaine refers to a slowdown in increases, and efforts to remove waste fraud and abuse, as “cuts”. and attempted to scare the Seniors into becoming victims so they will need people like him to save them. NBC29 has an article on today’s events where they offer no counter, and then according to their own comment section are censoring people who presumably wish for free speech to prevail.

Tim Kaine should be a pariah in Albemarle County after giving away over 80 million in tax breaks to bail out his developer friends at taxpayer expense, and then acting dumb when it went through as if he had no control. So far the county has lost over 1.5 million in property tax revenue since Biscuit run has been taken off the tax rolls due too his questionable bailout.
Read about it here:


Leslie Cockburn continued in her usual “know it all” way with her socialist ideas that will give free healthcare to the poor and higher premiums to those who work. Cockburn went as far as to say that if the Republicans stay in control medicaid will not have a bed for old people. According to one staff member who saw the event, the Seniors were mostly nonplussed.

Tim Kaine when asked about the recent mail attacks blamed Trump, even though in his own state Congressman Steve Scalise was SHOT by a left wing nut job. Absent from this trip was his son who has been arrested for acts associated with his membership in Antifa, the same group who caused plenty of violence in Charlottesville which most probably escalated things to the point were someone was killed.

Here is a video of Daddy taking up for his convicted son:

VIDEO: Tim Kaine Defends His Antifa Son In Heated Confrontation

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