Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills and four other of Clinton’s former staff have lost Security clearances according to a letter from the State Department to Senator Grassley. Mrs Clinton’s Security clearance was withdrawn at her request on August 30th. Although the White House said that Mrs Clinton’s name was not on the list of those being reviewed for revocation after former CIA Director Brennan’s Clearance was revoked earlier in the summer, some have said that this was a preemptive strike to disarm President Trump from having the power to publicly humiliate her. The mainstream press has reported the situation as a simple routine action, but it seems a contradiction as she and former President Clinton head out on a 13 city speaking tour to discuss the 2016 loss and she is seen almost daily staying active in politics, despite her devastating defeat in 2016.

Mrs Clinton suffered more bad news as a Judge this week released an additional 288 pages of her emails to JudicialWatch.org which were part of the emails she said were “not classified”. So far Judicial Watch has found three in this group that were in fact labeled “classified” at the time they were sent, and a possible illegal conflict of interest in one document, where it shows her husband Bill Clinton editing her speech on foreign relations while he was actively fund raising internationally for the Clinton Foundation.

These 288 pages are part of the 72,000 documents that the FBI has found since Mrs Clinton swore under penalty of perjury that there were no more documents and all documents had been turned over.

Mrs Clinton ran into still more controversy this week when she proclaimed that the female victims of Bill Clinton, including at least two who accused him of RAPE, do not fit into the #metoo movement because they were already investigated. CNN never challenged her assertions in the ten minute interview.

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