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Megyn Kelly had to apologize for saying that Black face was not racist in some contexts, and that we have gone too far by banning it. She is off the air, maybe for good. While seeing her lose a 23 million dollar a year gig doesn’t bother me, the ruining of someone for voicing a contrary opinion with zero x zero evidence of racial bias should be alarming to all. The main stream press is dredging up an old clip where she made the assertion that Santa Claus was white. She was attacked then by the same crowd, but it got no traction. The simple fact is Santa, a fictional figure, is WHITE just as the Easter bunny is a RABBIT. It does not mean there cannot be a black Santa and that blacks cannot “appropriate” white culture to make him black for their children. It is all okay. It is okay for black comedians to don white face as Dave Chappelle has many, many times. It is okay for whites to RAP (or attempt anyway)) while wearing a hoodie.

That leads us to black face. The current rule touted by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, and the other crybabies on the left is that it is NEVER OKAY because it reminds blacks of their races exploitation in minstrel shows. It is true that Blackface originated in the 1830s by poor whites looking for entertainment, and they made fun of blacks with some pretty demeaning portrayals. So the first rule should be…. don’t dress up in blackface as a minstrel actor. The second rule should be to ask yourself if you are as a white person dressing up as a black character in the spirit of Halloween, does that costume need blackface to make sure people know who your character is? For instance… are you Madonna or Beyonce? Are you Michael Jackson when he was with the Jackson Five or after his skin whitening treatments where you might not need any blackface. Everyone would recognize a black Elvis without white face, but what about if a black person wanted to be Eminem?

The blackface brouhaha is just another example of poor black leadership and a leftist agenda, trying to make sure that people never forget the black race was victimized, and that they need to maintain victim hood status forever. The reason the leadership teaches them this is because these leaders need their financial and political support to keep themselves relevant. The reason the left joins in is they want the black vote for their own selfish reasons. Ending Racism is bad for business.

There was a person who dressed as Barack Obama with a golf club a few Halloweens ago that was wearing an outfit using stereotypical, embarrassingly plaid golf pants sewn to khakis, an equally embarrassingly loud “white person” shirt sewn to a green polo, one white golf shoe, one black golf shoe, one thick gold chain with a half of a giant medallion, and the other side a small little gold chain. Now I will not tell you whether she was half in blackface or half in white face but it was a very funny no matter what race you are, and anyone offended needs a reality check.

Halloween is a time when we are allowed to be someone different. Men dress as women, women as football players, dwarfs dress as basketball players, and freedom of expression is not suspended because it is a Holiday. People have the right to be offended, people have the right to make fools of themselves by wearing something in bad taste. It is not wrong for them to attack Megyn Kelly for their beliefs of where the line should be, it is wrong for people to not stand up and tell them they are going too far, and damaging society by making a mountain out of a molehill. The simple fact is that history exists. Blacks in America have had a bad deal since the moment they arrived, but their race is improving at a faster rate than all others. The opportunities and efforts spent helping blacks are greater than ever, and it is time to stop with the nonsense and let go of the false security blanket of victim hood. The entire reason the riots in Charlottesville happened was a backlash, caused by the Vice Mayor who went too far and tried to destroy others history by attempting (illegally) to remove Confederate Statues, because their presence supposedly, oppressed a black child.

He convinced others that blacks were victims, and black failures were caused by a statue, and the only solution was to destroy another’s Heritage in order to make things right. This agenda from black leadership to keep blacks on the victim hood plantation is harming race relations not helping, and the one way street where black leaders and CNN talk show hosts get to decide the narrative needs to be brought back from outer space. If a person wants to be a black famous person and requires a darker skin tone to pull it off, or of a black person needs lighter skin to become a white character then we all need to just chill and try enjoy the holiday.

Lets stop fighting battles that only produce casualties on both sides. Attacks like this one on Megyn Kelly just give fodder to Neo Nazis, and cause good people who only want the best for blacks to sit on the sidelines because they have no interest in the victim route as a solution. Blacks cannot succeed by alienating whites who only want the best for them, but rightfully have a hard time with all the yelling over every imagined slight. Does the black movement really think that having stupid white girls and their cuck boyfriends trying to argue common sense on their behalf to the white race is a good thing? It is not. Between them and the charlatan black leaders like the vice mayor of Charlottesville whose efforts destroyed a cities reputation, economy, and got three people killed, the movement toward equality was pushed backward not forward.

If your costume is going to offend someone then ask yourself why. If it because they are oversensitive then wear it and let them weep. No one should be put in chains to satisfy another beliefs. If you are offended than look at the news and find something worth crying over. Halloween costumes are at the bottom, of the list.

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