(Blacks using the “N’ word, and Black Lives Matters tee shirts still okay.)
In the Supreme Court ruling Tinker Vs Des Moines School system, the Supreme Court ruled that free speech in schools must be respected unless it would “materially and substantially interfere” with the function of the schools. In the majority opinion it noted that there was a distinct difference between words and communicative actions. In that case they were referring to black armbands that were being worn to protest the US war in Vietnam. They gave more weight allowing restriction of possibly provocative words versus expressive symbols. They did so for the obvious reason that expression is more passive, and presumes some responsibility on the viewer to respect the Constitution and the First Amendment. There is no Constitutional guarantee to not be offended, or even feel intimidated by another’s distasteful expression. The School Board in it’s liberal bubble either chose to ignore this, or are simply part of the Minority Supremacist movement moving stealthily throughout the nation. The future will tell if they are truly part of this movement or just whipped.

The School Board used the fact that some kids became upset and even “hid in closets” because of the protest rally that Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy caused with his illegal vote to remove the RE Lee and Stonewall Jackson statues. When the Council was ordered by a Judge to allow the protesters their time “on the soapbox” as the Constitution mandates, Bellamy ginned up the liberal base and then, still unreported as to who screwed up, the city failed miserably to stop the violence. Three people died and Wes Bellamy is still on the council.

Even though there have been Confederate flags in the school as recently as last week, there have been no disruptions that would justify the exceptions allowed in Tinker, and this is just more of the Minority Supremacists attacking the entire white race to turn the tables on what they see as a grave injustice that needs to destroy whites in order for minorities to “catch up”.

They use words like “systemic racism” and promote hatred against any whites who disagree with their agenda, naming them as “white supremacist” or “nationalists” when they may simply have a different opinion on how equality should be achieved. They say in their facebook mission that they need to stop the “whitewashing ” of history. Even though many are white , they have an anti white agenda that rivals the non violent anti black agenda that led later to the terrible violence during desegregation. Members from the coalition for Hate Free Schools have already disrupted School Board meetings in attempts to intimidate the vote to a point where they were arrested. How far will they go to push their agenda?
They show little respect for the Constitution and don’t understand that just like they can “hate”, and speak loudly about anyone they disagree with, those who disagree with their methods have the exact same rights.

The biggest mistake the School board is making is that you cannot end oppression by the use of oppression. By removing a group of students right to express themselves or their heritage, they are instituting oppression that will most likely not go unanswered. Common sense dictates that the odds are very high there will be more disruptions, not less, as the oppressed students fight for their rights to freedom of expression as is guaranteed by the Constitution. The taxpayers may pay dearly for this shortsighted and possibly unconstitutional taking of free speech should this go to court.

A better solution would be to provide and mandate civics classes that explains their rights and responsibilities under the Constitution. These students need to learn the old adage “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt” These kids need to learn that oppression is never the answer, and to lean the undeniable history that the KKK and Jim Crow were born out of oppression of whites by the north after the war and that blacks were the victim of the backlash caused by whites oppressing whites with different views. Oppression is never the answer.

To help those students who are hiding in the closet, the city needs to sift through the rubble of the August 2017 rally that was never examined. Why did these cretins came out of the woodwork in the first place? These people were content to sit around their stills, drink moonshine, and complain about their imagined slights until Wes Bellamy launched the first salvo that caused them to rally together to protect themselves from his full frontal attack. Being duly elected, he had the right to create the mess, and the people have the right to hold him accountable. So far the press and the people have let him slide. History may not be so kind.

Lastly, contrary to the rhetoric, Donald Trump was correct that their were both good and bad people on “both sides”. Many people showed up that day to support the keeping of the statues because they have actually read a book and have more sense than Wes Bellamy et-al, and they took no part in the violence.There were also plenty on the other side including those who the city let go because they could get away with it, who were attacking people with bats, bottles, flashlights, and flamethrowers.
If a tree falls in the forest nobody hears it. If a Nazi had been allowed his Constitutional right to to stand on a soapbox and preach to his friends while everyone else was across town at a picnic, Heather would be alive, nobody would have to hide in closets, and Wes Bellamy wouldn’t have to live with the fact that everyone knows he caused it all.

The School Board needs to go back to the drawing board


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