I guess they don’t call it the Daily Regress for nothing.

The piece can be seen here….


They attack him on Immigration and the Russia investigation. On Immigration they say that his assertions that he is getting the laws changed “one by one” is a distortion because Congress failed in their attempt to get comprehensive reform. The say that all of the many “changes” that have occurred are changes by Executive order, or adjustments and enforcement of existing law. They went further to challenge his breaking up of families as the same law that Obama used, by saying it is the same law, but Obama rarely used it, (which has a lot to do with why Trump was elected) and acknowledged it was in fact a picture of children from 2014, but then they blame Trump for enforcing the laws as written, which requires that parents who are charged with a crime do not get to take their kids to jail with them. They admit the picture is from Obama detaining children, and concede that Trump has since signed an Executive order significantly reducing the number of separations, but then attacked him by stating that a reporter still saw some children in detention. The AP did not mention that these are a combination of recent splits, as did occur under Obama, and abandoned children who were victims of their own parents unaccompanying them, entrusting their own children to strangers.

When it came to Russia, The AP disregarded Trumps assertion that he didn’t need the Russians, and Trump referring to the collusion accusations as preposterous. The AP responded with a long diatribe about him losing the popular vote, and implied that the election was much closer than it actually was. They went on to attempt to conflate Russian meddling with Trumps campaign when none of the facebook ads the Russians purchased (some even before Trump declared) were about Trump, but were about Law enforcement, Police wives, and even Black Lives Matter. The AP tried to imply Russian meddling and collusion were seen as going hand in hand. They even referred to Mueller indicting Russians that had nothing to do with Trump, and inserted a paragraph on how there were three instances of Russians taking on US personas and contacting the Trump campaign in Florida stating that “the indictment doesn’t say if any of them responded” which to anyone with common sense would know, if they responded the indictment would most certainly say so.

They went on to drive home two separate times that Hillary won the popular vote by 2.9 million. Trump pointed out that the Democrats have a much easier path to the electoral college than Republicans. The AP claimed it was a “false assertion” pointing out that there have been four times the Democrats went for the popular vote instead of the electoral college and won the majority, but lost the election. They simply ignored that Trumps strategy all along was to score electoral votes, and Hillary simply presumed a landslide. (watch Racheal maddow bragging before the election… hilarious clip)

The AP ignores the many scholars who believe the electoral system do give the Democrats a lot of free electors because of large blue states like California and New York among others that cannot be flipped. His belief most certainly cannot rise to a “false assertion” in any fact check article that is actually checking facts.

They also accuse Trump of lying when he says that his lawyer Cohen was in trouble for the many things his family did with business unrelated to Trump. The AP asserts that Cohen admitted to paying off Stormy Daniels and a Playboy model at the behest of an unnamed public federal official. Technically Trump is unnamed, but more so than that, it would be perfectly legal for Trump to pay these blackmailers off to keep his wife and family from finding out, and even if they question that explanation, there would be a long line of Trump supporters who would be more than happy to testify that they would have supported him MORE if they had known about the conquests.

Lastly, they called him a liar because he said some of the Russian hackers were shilling for Hillary. they did so by conceding that the Russians did in fact shill for Hillary, but that the Mueller investigators believed it was just to cause confusion and discord.(were these investigators Mcabe, Page, and Strozk perhaps?) They follow that with a statement that Putin wanted Trump to win. Leaving out the FACT that he said that after the election was over which can hardly be called meddling. Most world leaders have offered opinions on Trump as Trump has on them.

Quite simply this is just another left wing hit job masquerading as a “fact check” to cement an anti Trump narrative close to the midterms. Don’t fall for it. .

References on Russian ad buys

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