The agenda to eviscerate all things white rears its ugly head again

The Daily Progress is reporting that Mayor Walker wants the statue of Lewis and Clark with Sacajawea removed, rather than realigned when the West Main construction begins. The Daily Progress called the statue “controversial,” when the only “controversy” was an idiot or two whining a few years ago that Sacajawea was sitting on the rock as Lewis and Clark stood, as if that were meant as some kind of slight, instead of appreciating her inclusion in the memorial to acknowledge her great accomplishment of leading them to find the Pacific ocean. Robert E Peary is credited with discovering the North Pole even though it was a black man named Matthew Henson who actually planted the flag.It was Peary’s Expedition, and he rightfully deserves top billing, as do Lewis and Clark. It was called the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the context is accurate. Sadly, this is just another example of anti white bigotry by a member of the city council.

Perhaps Ms Walker should call for the removal of Weshaven, the city owned and subsidized housing project, since it was named after a Confederate sympathizer who took money to lie to save Confederate Soldiers..

From the Daily Progress:

“The housing project was named for John West, “born a slave here in 1860. He worked as a barber all his life but through real estate investments had become a wealthy man by the time of his death in 1927. The young West is said to have saved Col. John Mosby from certain capture during the Civil war when he warned Mosby that a group of Union soldiers was riding through town. Mosby gave the youth a silver dollar which he carried the rest of his life.”

Perhaps the Mayor should look at history in context, and realize that she is not attempting to reach equality, but apparently seeking retribution from people who had nothing to do with her races current situation. No one ever moved race relations forward by attempting to oppress an entire race of people in an attempt to control their thoughts and actions. It was wrong when the first slave ships hit our shores, and it is wrong today. It was her partner in stupidity Wes Bellamy that already tried and failed to do that with the last statue vote that got three people killed, and should have cost him his job. Now the city has to decide whether to defend itself with still more millions of dollars and another locked down summer weekend next year because of more blatant anti white antics.

The city Council has failed the citizens. They cry racism at every turn, yet the council has had control of the city for decades and while the subsidized housing is falling down they just seek new ways to build more instead of taking care of what we already have. They love to scream the battle cry “Vinegar Hill” and how they were robbed of their homes with outhouses which was 97% white owned by slumlords who would have kicked blacks out into the street to sell to McDonald’s if HUD had not stepped in and spent millions on building these folks Westhaven. They cry “victim”, but newspaper reports at the time showed most blacks were grateful for their new homes with indoor plumbing and heat. The Daily Progress archives show all the stories with pictures of some pretty happy people.

At some point the citizens will say “enough is enough” and elect people who wish to actually improve the city, rather than punish people because of the color of their skin. Until then all we can do is hope that the incendiary rhetoric that spews forth doesn’t lead to another march or worse.

Respect all monuments. No change needed.

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