(Meanwhile exactly two months ago a black man got 8 years for murdering his sisters boyfriend with a gun.)


JAMES ALEX FIELDS JR. was just recommended to receive life plus 400 years, and nearly half a million dollars in fines for driving his car into protesters in Charlottesville in August of 2017. This is the pinnacle of the cities retribution tour of abusing the courts to punish those they feel attacked their point of view. One victim of the attacks proclaimed that choosing racism and supporting Trump are choices Fields made in order to justify her support for the harsh sentencing. The Judge in a city known for coddling criminals for two decades refused to allow the trial to be moved to a more reasonable jurisdiction, despite the lawyers repeated requests. A quick review of recent sentencing shows that this is beyond the pale, especially based on the lame defense given by the court appointed lawyers and Fields medical history, including time spent in mental hospitals. It appears on its face to be out and out retribution which is unlawful under the eighth Amendment.

The city has tossed down a gauntlet to the alt right that has already been picked up by a well known enemy who has now declared war on the city. Alt right activist Christopher Cantwell has vowed revenge on the city and the left. The city seems to be gloating in its victory, but time will tell if it is real or Pyrrhic.

Whenever there is a fire they sift through the debris and assess the damage. They don’t just find a frayed extension cord and go home. The investigators look at everything. Were the smoke detectors working? Was the house built to code? Were the exits locked or blocked and if so why? Where was the nearest fire hydrant? Basically, they examine every facet to see what can be done to prevent another fire and future losses. But when James Alex Fields Jr. rammed his Dodge Charger into a group of people killing one and injuring many others they didn’t look at anything except a way to satisfy their need for revenge. They proceeded to take him to court to prove he was evil and lock him up. The jury recommended 400 years. They just assumed that there was evil in his heart. Nobody asked how he got that way. Nobody wanted to sift through the debris of the situation and see what made him snap. He is just another evil white person whose white privilege was threatened and he decided to do something about it because he is evil and full of hate.

Why doesn’t someone ask where the source of the hate comes from? What was he exposed to that made him think those thoughts about his race being threatened? Nothing could excuse his behavior, but it could give us an understanding going forward to help prevent future situations.

We somehow now live in a world of victims and victim hood where we are spiraling down the drain as a society trying to right all wrongs based on falsehoods, hypocrisy, bad science, and lies. Making yourself, or someone you can leverage, into a victim for political or financial gain is profitable business, and serves to further an agenda that needs to be exposed before it destroys us all.

If you ask someone why they hate white supremacists they will tell you it is because white supremacists think other races are inferior and spew hatred. Their answer is not wrong, but it is shallow. Next ask them how they think these people got this way and they will more likely than not tell you that it is just their culture and that they worship Hitler and are filled with hate. Again they are correct, but shallow. It is in fact their culture. Many do worship Hitler and many are filled with hate. But it does not answer the question. If you push harder they will tell you that these people are afraid of losing their white privilege and supremacy and are willing to defend it at any cost (because they are evil and filled with hate.) again they are correct, but they still haven’t done any forensic work to sift through the debris to find out how they got this way. The statistics show that the numbers of supremacist groups are growing. They are throwing lots of resources at the problem to root them out. They are even abusing the court systems like they did in Charlottesville in an attempt to punish them out of existence. No one, however, is looking at why and how their mindsets became the way they are.
Other groups who commit violence are defended as protecting victims. Blacks, Muslims, women, gays, all claim to be victims, and when Antifa or Black Lives Matters commit crimes it is considered self defense and excused. The defense of the Antifa thugs in Charlottsville is a perfect example. They may have been defending themselves against a car attack but where did “peaceful” protestors come up with seven bats in two and a half seconds to smash the car after it plowed into the others? Even in Charlottesville when Rolling Stone magazine made its famous fake rape story the leftist narrative was “well it could have happened” to excuse the false rape allegations against innocent people.

Blacks, women, gays, are never considered evil for their overt actions. They have all been risen to victim hood status while people like James Alex Fields Jr are universally condemned without so much as an inquiry. Self proclaimed victims have been given the microphone to dictate others behaviors and it is ruining the country. It is a modern day version of lynching those whom you believe are guilty in the court of public opinion, and not a court of law. The only difference is the rope, and the fact that they are not dead, only destroyed. To those offended by the analogy, it is appropriate because both groups are doing the same thing. They take the law into their own hands because they don’t trust the government to enforce their will or are the government and perverting the law to satisfy their sense of right and wrong regardless of the Constitution. Just because thugs use bullets or jail cells instead of rope, doesn’t mean lynchings don’t occur everyday. They are just not reported by the mainstream press because it skews the narrative. Crimes on both sides are real and there are no winners. Only losers.

We cannot allow self proclaimed victims to run the show any longer. We need to go back to our Constitutional roots and follow the document as written, which includes all the Amendments that make America as equal as possible for all people. If the current Constitution isn’t doing the trick then we need to amend it, not disregard it, or have second rate judges impose their will on the people based on their beliefs. The rule of law must prevail.

That means, like it or not, hate speech is legal. Questioning the actions of others is legal. Professing a dislike for other cultures, races, sexual choices or behaviors are all legal.

No one questions the hatred spewed by those in Charlottesville AGAINST the Nazi’s who came to their little city to spew hatred. They get a free pass for their words. But in the city overlooked by Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, these privileged miseducated college students, at one of the finest Universities in the country, actually believed and still believe that they have the right to jerk the soapbox out from under legally permitted US citizens, because they don’t like what they might have to say. They have been so poorly educated that they think that is okay, and that it is somehow the governments job to protect their ears and minds from contrary words. That is the debris that needs to be sifted through to find out how things boiled into a car attack on August 12, 2017.

There were reports done analyzing the events in Charlottesville that spoke to the incompetence of the government officials and their failures. The local press reporting described those failures as the cities response being inadequate to protect the people from the Nazis and never mentioned the cities massive failure to respect the Constitutional right to free speech that the legally permitted protesters had. It never once mentioned that the city became a lightning rod for those supremacist groups by it’s own actions of trying to oppress those whose ancestors fought a war, that to them was not just or unjust, but necessary, and were proud of General Robert E Lee for defending Virginia from an invading army. The city leaders. one buffoon specifically, (Wes Bellamy) led the charge to rewrite history; to tell people who have believed their entire life that slavery was a secondary issue of the civil war that they were wrong, and were going to be publicly proven wrong by the actions of three people on the city council, whose job is supposed to be to fund schools and fill potholes, and that there was nothing they could do about it. Removing the statues would once and for all end the discussion about the cause for the war.

Oppression is not how you end discussions and change minds. These supremacists proved that. They cost the city tens of millions of dollars in lost income and monies spent, three deaths and many injuries that will linger for the life of those injured, and in return only suffered a few of their “soldiers” in jail. Sadly, the city has not learned it’s lesson that these folks have nothing to lose, and are still sticking to their belief that they have the right to stop freedom of speech within their city limits. Their proud prosecution of Alt right members is seen to those affected as persecution and will most likely not go unanswered. Shrouded in the cloak of victim hood the city is making itself a target for more trouble, not less, and is advancing an agenda that goes against the Constitution.

Charlottesville needs to take a breath and ask themselves why a white person would believe that blacks are an inferior race, or that gays trying to change the culture to suit their version of public discourse is wrong. These supremacist assertions need to be heard, not so that you will change your mind, but so you can correct their beliefs with facts. Challenge them with the IQ tests that show that all races have the same IQ. Show them the proof that gays have no agenda to pass laws that say if your child decides at age four he is a she you cannot legally dispute it. Show them how the rape statistics in Sweden have not quadrupled since the migration of Africans. Prove to them that the Swedish government telling women to stop dressing in skirts to protect themselves is not real. Prove to them the “no go” Muslim zones in Dearborn Michigan are not real. Prove to them that Jewish people don’t own the bulk of Hollywood and the Media, Wall Street, are a third of the Supreme Court, and are the most influential lobby in Washington. Show them proof that Jews are not 24% of the US billionaires while only being 1.4% of the population. Tell them that the fact that 40% of the Jewish people worldwide live in the United states (vs 44% actually livng in Israel) and that 20% of Congress holding dual Israeli citizenship means nothing, and there is no Jewish agenda to gain control of American culture.

Explain to them the reason Israel can have a border fence,and outlaw gay marriage without condemnation, but in the US it is racist and homophobic.

Explain to them why simply giving the preceding statistics, all from Wikipedia, about the Jewish state could land someone in jail in the European Union or have them labeled as anti Semitic by the Southern Poverty Law Center in the United States.

Once you prove to them that all of these assertions they are making are all lies and falsehoods, then some will give up their belief that the 85% of the world that isn’t white aren’t out to destroy them through “diversity,” This will give society a foothold to change more of them, so we can all be safe from their crazy notions.

Of course this will be difficult because not all of their assertions, while needing context, are wrong. There is in fact an attack on whites who hold a belief that the white race, despite its flaws, is a net positive for the world. City councilor Wes Bellamy after all tweeted “I hate snow because its white.” These alt right “conclusions” may be incorrect, but many of the numbers they often cite are true. This is why we need MORE speech, not less.

The solution is simpler than people realize. Allow the Constitution to prevail. Allow Free Speech in all of its forms. Allow these people to make their case as the Constitution allows and then make a counter case and let the best argument win. The sad part is the left who wishes more freedoms wants to shut down the debate instead of defeat it. That has never worked since the beginning of time, and will not work now. Free speech is what has saved the world from tyranny, including hate speech. Hitlers hate was allowed to spread because no one was allowed to make an argument otherwise. The Wes Bellamy’s of the world are no different, they are such zealots in their righteousness that they cannot allow any dissent for fear of their arguments being damaged or destroyed. Charlottesville created this mess when it tried to oppress innocent people with reasonable beliefs about a statue. The wrong people came to their rescue (unasked) and all hell broke loose. Now the city and its kangaroo court has continued down the path, refusing to atone for it’s sins, and the Alt right is threatening retribution. Just like a father in a parking lot with a wife and kids fighting over a parking space against a homeless man with junk filled shopping cart, the answer is not whether you can win, but whether you can afford to lose. The homeless man could use a warm night in jail, while your children watching their father get his ass kicked by an old homeless guy might scar them forever. Charlottesville’s city council and perverted court system are putting all of its citizens at risk, forgetting that among the citizenry they represent are those who didn’t ask for the fight, and don’t think the Council is empowered to put their city, its reputation, its economy, and it’s safety, into the ring to use as an ante to win a fight that is Wes Bellamy’s et al, not the cities.

Unfortunately the citizens of Charlottesville need to wait until the next election to get rid of the idiots on the council who are using tax money to fulfill their social agenda instead of running the city, but it is not too late for the people to demand they stop putting the cities heart, soul, and lives at risk by taunting people with nothing left to lose. Wes Bellamy’s actions have already caused three deaths over statues that are still standing, and the populace needs to stand up and make sure he and the council don’t abuse their power again to bring more heartache and violence.

If you want to stand for something, stand for respecting the contract that is the Constitution. If you want to be strong then strengthen your ability to hear speech you don’t like and to defeat it with counter speech that makes more sense. If you want to protect those who are too disenfranchised to protect themselves, than do it with your own freedom of speech by following the rules, and allowing public debate where common sense will always prevail. If you don’t like the Constitution then vote to amend it.

Oppression is not the answer. Retribution is not the answer. Free speech is the answer.




  1. Great article. Those white supremacists need to be challenged and destroyed for their stupid beliefs. Shine the light of truth on those hateful parasites!

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