…at least nobody threatened to “get” anybody at recess……….
The Charlottesville City Council took a “retreat” to the Water Street Conference Center to essentially spend a day together in a sandbox to see if they can learn how to get along. The funny part is, the open meetings law means the press could come watch, and they did. Now the rest of us can see who is running the city, and what bigoted racist and militant folks some of them really are.

It is obvious from the day, that Wes Bellamy and Mayor Walker are only there for the people that they choose to represent. They call themselves champions of the disenfranchised, and victims of systemic racism, but it is obvious to anyone who has studied the history of Charlottesville that these two haven’t.
What is the difference between a cow and the Charlottesville taxpayers? Nobody milks a cow for for fifty years. These two specifically, and the black community in general, have rewritten the history of Vinegar Hill, a rat infested slum, that was torn down, and the displaced residents built new homes by the government a mile away. It was a welcomed program for affordable housing that exists to this day.The Federal program was lauded by none other than Martin Luther King Jr who many say is responsible for the LBJ signed Fair Housing Act of 1968. Bellamy and Walker and their supporters now say it was an attack on a thriving community. It was not. It was an aggressive salvation of a slum with federal tax dollars. Sure, there were some decent businesses there, but it was over 95% owned by white slumlords. On the land where the McDonald’s and Omni Hotel currently stand were houses with outhouses and leaky roofs, held up by 55 gallon drums and cinder blocks. If HUD had not stepped in, the white slumlords would have sold out to commercial interests within a decade, and the entire community would have been on the street, not moved into new homes, as was CELEBRATED at the time by the BLACK COMMUNITY LEADERS.The complex was named Westahaven after a former black leader born just before the civil war.



They attacked Mayor Signer for skipping meetings with the planning commission, with new police Chief Brackney and Mayor Walker both accusing him of using his “male privilege” as an excuse because he was attending to his 4 year old twin daughters. Wes Bellamy came to his defense telling him he was right to put his family over his obligations that he volunteered for. That’s fine, but if you are going to be a cucked man, then don’t commit to boards if you can’t honor your commitments.

Mayor Walker defended her action of calling for militancy in a Facebook live post when she didn’t get her affirmative action choice for the city mangers job. She also defended a 70 year old black woman who was attacking councilor Galvin; Walker saying that Galvin didn’t know the history, and somehow that made the woman’s abuse okay. Mayor Walker has previously attacked Galvin for the School systems inability to teach the black children who refuse to learn, because Galvin was a former school board member.

The new Chief of Police lamented that people here feel emboldened to confront black women. The presumption in context seems to imply that women who claim to be equal, need to be treated with kid gloves, as opposed to a man in the same position. I guess she actually believes that she wasn’t hired significantly because of her race and gender, and didn’t understand that despite that, she is expected to do the job just as a man would do. There is plenty of video of former Chief Longo (white male) getting run through the ringer.

Assistant city manager Leslie Beauregard said the city needs to find a way to make sure underrepresented people can feel relevant. The presumption isn’t that she was referring to the ignored older white conservatives who pay the highest property tax bills, but the supposed poor, who have at least two dedicated advocates on council who make sure the agenda is monopolized with social issues, welfare, racial issues, and affordable housing, on a non stop and ongoing basis.

Wes Bellamy took the opportunity to blame the city ills on “white liberals” who put him in office but stopped short of supporting him when he goes wild with his bigoted, racist, agenda to disenfranchise whites until blacks are on top.

The feel good Therapist they brought in to facilitate the retreat, Micah McCreary said the city is still recovering from the events of August 12 2017. Calling it a “complex trauma”. Of course no one spoke up and asked Wes Bellamy to apologize for causing the entire fiasco that caused Heather Heyer’s death.

No one addressed the fact that despite the resignations of so many people for offensive racist and sexist tweets and even the removing of a well known black comedian Kevin Hart from the Oscars for homophobic jokes, that Wes Bellamy is still getting a pass for tweeting about hating whites, abusing women, demeaning gays and advocating having sex with passed out women. He made damn sure the city shot the messenger.

When the discussion came around to the conduct at meetings by the public, and how the disruptions were counter productive, no one was willing to take control and admit that the public was acting like children at times, and needed to be dealt with accordingly. It would be very simple to just hand out printouts of the decorum requirements at the beginning of each meeting and toss out those who don’t get civics 101 and misbehave. The problem is that most of those removed would be people of color and/or liberals.

The simple takeaway is this. If the city council were a poker hand of five card draw, they need to keep Heather Hill and Kathy Galvin and toss the other three. Heather Hill obviously represents the entire city fairly. Her votes prove that she is trying to represent all needs and walks of life. What she may lack in city management and regulations experience, is made up for by a clear mind with no agenda to do anything but make the city a decent place for all. Kathy Galvin, while having a liberal bent, is in the same category as Heather except she brings more knowledge to the table of infrastructure needs and is savvy regarding planning and development. Mayor Signor should have resigned after he tried and failed to save the day when Wes Bellamy brought hell to town. Mayor Walker was given a shot to help the poor community, but has abused it, and is a one trick pony. She has the manners of a third grader, and is of the mistaken belief that because she came to a conclusion after much thought that the conclusion must be correct. She doesn’t understand that perhaps the reason a black man has a hard time getting a Cab in Washington DC is because cab drivers get robbed dis-proportionally by black men and not some white conspiracy to make back men late for meetings.

That brings us to Wes Bellamy. He is the one person who should be ostracized by all groups of people in the city. He has a personal agenda to raise himself up at the cities and its peoples expense. He lobbied hard for the statue removal. He incited the alt right to come here, he doubled down and went on the attack when his racists, sexist, homophobic tweets were exposed, and he conned Councilors Fenwick and Szackos to support his bigoted agenda. When the right were given permission to use the park by a Judge, he started a non stop campaign to incite counter protesters who did as ordered and caused the mayhem. There is no doubt in hindsight that had he, or the city council, simply asked the public to stay away and respect the Nazis Constitutional rights to spew nonsense for an hour with no microphone and go home, the city would not be in the shape its in. There would not be dozens of injured bodies, thousands of injured souls, and Heather Heyer would still be alive. He continues with his non stop racist agenda to taunt the alt right, and is putting the city at risk of further destruction. He needs to be voted out of office at the next election. He and Mayor Walker both claim to be a friend of the black community, yet they embrace illegal immigration as if it won’t be blacks who have to give up limited resources and be asked to move over to let them in the affordable housing and special needs programs in the schools. His agenda is clear and unabashed, and the black community, and the white liberal community, both need to find a better person to look out for them than Wes. In the meantime people should speak up and not let him ante their city to further HIS future.


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